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Homeopathic remedies stimulate body’s own constitution and establish balance or equilibrium.
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Diabetes, Thyroid, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Infertility, High cholesterol
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SGH is an advanced online homeopathic treatment portal that delivers quality health care with the most innovative and efficacious treatment protocols in homeopathy .We the team at SGH are keen to maintain quality standards in our case taking ,to ensure accuracy and precision in diagnostic and interventional approach. We deliver quality health care with utmost dedication, blending the efficacy of genuine homeopathic medicines which have proved their efficacy through cutting edge research, with innovative and sophisticated diagnostic modalitities. Detailed case taking and comprehensive case analysis provide our patients the opportunity to clarify their queries in relation to their diseases and such interactions inevitably help us to perceive the psycho- physical dimensions of clinical conditions with better understanding in the choice of a viable remedy .

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Patient Testimonials

  • A cured case of erosive gastroduodenitis

    “I am very glad to express that I have been cured fully from my chronic gastritis after taking medicines from Dr Sanjana vb chief consultant of SGH.I met her after taking treatment from other hospitals with no apparent relief for my heartburn, eructations due to acidity. After doing Endoscopy doctor diagnosed it as Erosive gastroduodenitis. I took treatment from her for 6 months. Now I have no gastric complaints for the past 2years.”

    --Siddharthan. P Calicut kerala
  • A cured case of hypothyroidism

    I am 18 yrs old and I met dr sanjana for cosmetic skin care and hairloss. She took my case in detail. I had anemia in the past and my mother is hypothyroid .After analyzing the case she made me undergo some blood tests and detected my hairloss and weight gain are due to thyroid problem. My TSH was 6.62, f T4 0.88. I took treatment from her for 7 months and now my TFT is normal, anemia also corrected. Hair fall also reduced much. Now I visit her for follow up treatment.

    --Deepika, malappuram.kerala
  • A case of asthma with thyroid dysfunction relieved

    I have asthma for past 10yrs and I have thyroid problem too. I am very much better after taking treatment from dr sanjana. My asthma does not recur frequently. Thyroid related anxiety, sadness and weakness disappeared .Now my TFT is very normal. Now I visit doctor every 6 months for follow up check up. Thanks for the care you have given me.

    --Priya ramanattukara kerala.