Case Studies


A 34 year old lady contacted us describing her complaint as extreme obsession with cleanliness. She had anxiety, fear of darkness, a constant idea or crazy feeling which she wanted to get rid of, but was tormenting. She couldn’t describe exactly what it is. She told us that it is repetition of same thought. She had extreme sense of cleanliness and post nasal dripping due to frontal sinusitis was her chief concern. She described it as “pus in my throat”. Every five minutes she repeated this. She had habit of constantly washing her hands and was not satisfied even after washing.

We wanted to know her history and detailed case taking & analysis was necessary. She had these complaints since puberty. She had allergic asthma and skin eruption. According to her, after taking prolonged treatment for allergic asthma she developed this mental problem. She was loquacious. She was well aware of her each complaint and without any interrogation she explained about her disease with probable causes, how she attempted to manage her obsessive thoughts etc.

When she reached SGH she was taking psychiatric medicines for years with remission and relapse. She couldn’t bear anymore the sleepiness and weakness following the intake of her daily medication. She wanted a gentle solution for getting relief from this tormenting thoughts and obsession. She had a positive family history of psychiatric disorder.

We took her personal history regarding, appetite, thirst, thermal reaction, desires to know her mental and physical constitution, predominant miasmatic expressions etc. She was very sensitive to criticism. After analyzing the case in detail we prescribed her sulphur 1m one dose.

After 1month on her follow up visit she hadn’t the repetitive thoughts, fear of darkness, Obsession of cleanliness too reduced in frequency. She was happy that she could keep away her daily medication for 1 month .but she had the fear if those medicines were stopped would her old very aggressive form of obsession ,delirium would come back. We assured her that it wouldn’t come back while she is under homeopathic treatment. During her 2nd visit she complained of asthma. We treated it with homeopathic remedies and gradually under sulphur 1m that patient recovered from both obsession and asthma. During the course of treatment she presented with tremor, anxiety, fear of losing her own things, dyspnoea etc. gradually she recovered from her physical and mental problems. Now after 1yr she visits us for acute cold, fever occasionally with the change of season. Then we recheck her symptamatology to make sure she is cured completely and we are happy that she never had to go back to her psychiatric drugs again. She is leading a normal life now.

Case2:- A case with PFO and sub clinical hyperthyroidism

A 27 year old lady visited us with complaints of central chest pain, breathlessness, nocturnal dyspnoea, orthopnoea, palpitation.

She was very lean and her weight was just 35kg.she had hair loss, extreme weakness, sleeplessness, anxiety, fear. TH: she had recurrent attack of chest pain and she was admitted at casualty of allopathic hospitals several times. Her ECG was normal and she was sent back home with reassurance that it is simple gas pain or anxiety.

At our centre we suggested complete blood count, TFT and an echocardiogram. Her blood counts didn’t detect any abnormality. Thyroid function tests TSH was low. It was 0.6 and T3, T4 within normal limits.

Echo findings - presence of PFO-Patent foramen ovale and mild TR.

We took her case in detail and analyzed carefully. PFO is a cardiac problem and expert cardiologic consultation also advised as in some patients surgical closure is necessary while in the majority it is followed up regularly.

The patient was prescribed LYCOPUS 200 which helped her to Raise her TSH to normalcy. She was free from anxiety, mood changes.

On her 2nd visit we began our constitutional treatment.NATRUM MUR1M was selected for her. After that her nocturnal orthopnoea, chest pain and palpitation decreased in frequency. After 3 months of treatment her TSH also found to be with in normal limits. Patient gradually regained her weight and emotional stability. We follow PFO every 6 months with echo.

Case 3:- Secondary amenorrhea with polycystic ovarian syndrome

A 28 yr old married woman who was overweight &fatty, with acne on her face visited our centre .Her chief complaint was irregular menstruation. It appears after being delayed for 4 or 5 months. She had hair loss.

We took her past history of illness and treatment history. She hadn’t taken any treatment for her present problem. Her life styles of sedentary habit, lack of exercise, over eating were the culprits.

We analyzed the case with hormonal assay and was PCOS. We prescribed pulsatilla 30 in single dose at one week intervals. Her periods became normal. Now she is a mother of a 6 months old baby girl.

Caution: use homeopathic drugs only under the direction of a homeopathic physician after diagnosing the exact clinical condition or disease.