SGH has its own strategies and policies regarding consultation timings,giving appointments ,payments and shipping etc .By confirming an appointment patients must agreeing to the company's[ sgh] terms and conditions which are very transparent and mentioned here: Patients contacting SGH has to confirm that they require appointment for online or offline consultation in a form sent by sgh through email.After that patient may have to make payment and must be available for consultation at the given time or 2 additional appointments given by the company .if the patient is not able to appear online or offline for consultation in the given time frame under no circumstances the payment will not be refunded.If SGH fails to do online consultation at the predetermined time of appointment due to any technical delay then the patient will be informed by phone or mail with assurance of another appointment at the earliest. In certain circumstances if our chief consultant is absent another well qualified physician of Sgh can consult the patient.The cost of shipping will be included in the payment and will be mentioned separately.shipping time will be informed to the patient at the time of making appointment .If any technical delay occurs regarding shipping we will try our best to send it by the next possible option at the earliest. If any loss occur to the patient due to delay from courier services company[sgh] will not bear any responsibility and no claims would be allowed on it .As SGH functions avoiding even the minute error ,negligence or delay we here by declare that under any circumstances claims above 50 thousand would not be given by the company.

SGH online consultation and medical profession in general depends on the trust between doctor and patients .Hence we would be sincerely dedicated to our patients within in the scope and limitations of homeopathy and our policies are kept transparent with our patients .In certain cases written consent for treatment is required from the patient and choosing the patients [except in emergency cases] is solely sgh 's decision and it is in accordance with prevailing medical ethics.

  • Sgh expressly disclaims any responsibility with respect to completeness ,accuracy of responses given through website, email or otherwise
  • Although we are doing our best in accuracy & precision in diagnosis and management, human observation and instrumental error can’t be avoided completely. Hence we disclaim any responsibility consequent to them.
  • No warranty or representation of any kind expressed or implied is given by or on behalf of the company that the responses would be reliable & free from error.
  • The company sgh shall not be responsible in any case of misleading information or statement made by the users during any sort of interaction with the company or website.

Terms of service

  • Sgh uses the information provided by the users to send newsletters & other matters regarding treatment, tracking details, shipment confirmation & other medical services for the user. The patient’s information & details will not be shared with a third party.
  • The company can use the data provided by he patient for statistical study & educational purposes without disclosing the identity & confidentiality of the patient. The company reserves the right of keeping the photographs of diseased parts or copy of any investigation reports for educational purpose or presentation without disclosing the identity of the patients.
  • If any patient is willing to give testimonials for the benefit of cure got from the company then the patient’s written consent would be taken to display his or her identity or photograph.