• Is homeopathy effective in curing diseases of adults?

    It is a myth that homeopathy is effective only for children. Homeopathic remedies are very effective for children as well as adults.

  • Does homeopathy cure only acute diseases like cough and cold?

    Homeopathy is a solution for various acute and chronic diseases affecting our body, like allergy, asthma, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, skin diseases, migraine, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and much more.

  • what are the different treatment modalities in homeopathy?

    Mother tinctures, dilutions of lower and higher potencies,Biochemics

  • Do homeopathic remedies have any side effects?

    Homeopathic remedies are safe to take and have no side effects, but it must be taken only in the required dose and potency under the direction of a homeopathic physician.

  • How do homeopathic remedies work?

    Homeopathic remedies stimulate body’s own constitution, the vital force and establish balance or equilibrium.

  • What are the sources of homeopathic remedies?

    Homeopathic medicines are collected from Plant kingdom, animal kingdom, minerals, chemicals, nosodes and sarcodes

  • Why individualization is important in homeopathy?

    In homeopathy disease study is done by case history, clinical examination and interpretation of lab investigations and imaging techniques, but homeopaths study and analyze personal history &mind of each patient [individualization]. Individualization is necessary as each individual is different from the other by having own physical &mental constitution. For the selection of the most suitable homeopathic remedy it is important to know the personal traits apart from the disease diagnosis .Diagnosis helps to understand the pathology and prognosis of disease but individualization is the most important step for remedy selection in chronic disease management.

  • Can homeopathy treat emergencies and very serious acute illness?

    No. Homeopathy is not intended for treating emergencies and very acute serious diseases like acute pancreatitis, peptic ulcer perforation, thyroid storm, myxoedema coma, acute myocardial infarction etc. For surgical cases, trauma and medical emergencies seek conventional medicine. Homeopathy is not intended for conditions where there is no time period for stimulating body’s own constitution [the vital energy] to eradicate the malady.

  • Can homeopathy cure advanced pathological changes in the body and cancers?

    NO. In cases with severe structural damage, organ loss, cancer etc the scope of homeopathy is very limited. But it has helped to palliate and give apparent relief to the distressing symptoms though cure is not possible in malignancies with metastases. Homeopathy has definite role in cancer palliative care. But there are a few cases of benign tumors yielded to homeopathic treatment and got cured.

  • what are the advantages of homeopathy?

    It is safe and effects cure gently, mildly. No side effects It is effective in certain cases where conventional medicine may have to resort to surgery, cauterization etc. Examples are:


      The inflammation and discharge requires excision of sinus as per conventional medical treatment protocol. But in homeopathy medicinal treatment has achieved results in preventing its inflammation and discharge for many years, sometimes for a lifetime.

    4. WARTS
    5. Thyroid psychosis

      Homeopathy is effective in curing thyroid dysfunctions where patients are symptomatic despite attaining normal TFT levels by hormone therapy. Here homeopathic medicines help to achieve the mental and physical equilibrium curing the distressing symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear etc.

    6. Insulin resistance

      Homeopathic medicines help to treat insulin resistance

    7. Poly cystic ovary with hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia etc

      Only a few examples are cited here. For detailed information go to the disease button of the website.

    8. What are new research findings in homeopathy?

      Recently scientists of IIT INDIA identified molecules of atoms of the original medicinal substance even in higher dilutions. It has opened up new avenues of research in homeopathy to enhance its role in therapeutics in future.